What they need

NDRC is an organisation that sources and builds digital start-ups to invest and work with. It hosts a range of events which often involve start-up companies, as well as its Accelerator Programme and Investor showcases. NDRC wants to raise the profile of the work it is doing, and the work of the companies they are working with, so press and PR photography is extremely important to them. These are usually for release to press to highlight new companies and raise their profile in the media as well as that of NDRC.

What we do

NDRC is a dynamic organisation that needs high-energy and quirky images to ensure their stories about start-up companies land with the right audience. We work with NDRC to set up engaging and striking photos for release to the national media and work in conjunction with NDRC’s PR agency, to ensure we land the right images, in the right media outlets. We also attend events hosted by NDRC to document them for their own internal use.

What they say

"Shane, Orla and the team have produced exceptional work for us throughout the last few years. They are always flexible and reliable, and we can rest assured they will capture exactly the right shots we need. They are adept at making people comfortable and relaxed, which is very important for us and is always evident in their photographs. For any event or project we have worked on together, they have been an extremely safe pair of hands, and we continue to use their work in our branding as we can trust them to create the look and feel that we want to achieve."