To go far, we must go together

Coalesce is a collaborative group of experienced and quality photography, video and graphics businesses. We all comply to the same set of exceptional standards to ensure the highest-quality work for our clients, who range from charities and government bodies to large corporates, startup's and SMEs.

Coalesce unites quality creative businesses to deliver on both smaller day to day events and larger-scale projects that require the resources and backup of a bigger group. We embrace the use of technology to connect and standardise our service for the client. All booking management, communications, data processing and finance are centralised through Coalesce.

Working as a unit gives us greater strength and allows each creative to build up their own skills and individual businesses. Working with Coalesce gives you access to a range of quality creatives with varying specialities and from different locations — all under one roof.

This allows clients who are restricted to having one creative agency on their books to continue to enjoy a wide selection of talent from which to choose. They only deal with one central point at Coalesce for all communications, finance and quality control.

It also allows clients to continue to use local photographers or videographers who might not be in a position to pitch for larger projects. By engaging Coalesce for national contracts, you can keep costs down. We always try to use local photographers and videographers to cut travel and mileage outgoings for the client.  

We believe that together we are stronger. We have always been inspired by the old African saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We believe in creating a new way for individual creatives to come together, become stronger and create exceptional work. We believe collaboration, innovation and education will strengthen our creative community and create a long-lasting coalition. Individually we are remarkable; together we are exceptional.

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