Go far, go together 

We all got into this business because we are creatives; we love the process of creating beautiful, exciting work. But the paperwork and logistics of running a business can dampen that creative edge. Coalesce wants to change that. We take care of the boring side of things so you can bring your business to another level – and at the same time set your creative spirit free.  

We know that together we are stronger. We unite quality creatives so we can pitch together for large-scale projects but, at the same time, allow our individual creativity to flourish. It will allow us to continue working with larger firms and government bodies who might have to switch to the procurement model, without having to extend our individual resources. Our vision is to develop a creative space which generates sustainable work for us all, increasing revenue and giving us all access to a larger market place.

At the same time, we want to help each of us develop and strengthen our own skills — as well as our individual companies. We want to create a circular economy where opportunities move around the group and are not fed from the top down. Creatives are encouraged to share work with each other as well as bring work into the group. We partner with like-minded creatives who wish to grow and develop to a high standard of professionalism and ensure the highest-quality work for our clients.  

We have always been inspired by the old African saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” We believe in creating a new way for individual creatives to come together, become stronger and create exceptional work. We believe collaboration, innovation and education will strengthen our creative community and create a long-lasting coalition. Individually we are remarkable; together we are exceptional.

All applications and general enquiries to join the group are welcome. To find out more about what's involved email Orla or Shane. To keep up with our news and updates sign up to our mailing list below

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