Coalesce with us ...

We are a new way for independent Irish creative businesses to collaborate together and raise their standards and skillsets as a group while providing the highest levels of customer service to all our clients.

We are a circular economy. In this space the business opportunities move around the group instead of coming from the top down.


We use feedback from the group and our clients to identify areas in all our businesses that we would like to improve. We organise workshops and monthly topic based talks where everyone can work through these issues.


Access to a larger marketplace.

A peer sharing network which encourages knowledge transfer.

A network of professionals who pool resources and circulate work within the group.

Increase in annual revenue.

Fill excess capacity in your diary.

Reduced associated bureaucracy.

Alan Rowlette, Photographer

 “Working as a photographer can be quite a solitary experience, but Coalesce brings together talented, experienced photographers and videographers and gives us the opportunity to bounce ideas around, share knowledge and even workload.

There’s always someone to rely on and the work is free flowing which means there’s no nervousness about losing clients and it’s much easier to arrange a holiday without feeling like you are missing out or letting someone down. Overall, there’s a nice community vibe and having an upsurge in work is a huge plus.”