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Who's on the team?

  • Orla Murray Co Founder and Photographer
  • Shane O'Neill Co Founder and Photographer
  • Patricia Lane Operations Support Executive
  • Grainne Doyne Head of Quality & Projects
  • Andrew Rahaman, Creative Partner Graphic Designer
  • Carol McNamara Accounts Manager
  • John Ohle, Creative Partner Commercial, Press and PR Photographer
  • Paul Sherwood, Creative Partner PR, Event, Social, Commercial, Interior and Food Photography
  • Peter Houlihan, Creative Partner Press and PR, Commercial, Social Photographer
  • Fintan Clarke, Creative Partner Press and PR Photographer
  • Meabh Fitzpatrick, Creative Partner Events, Corporate Portraits and Commercial Photographer
  • Kevin McFeely, Creative Partner Press and PR, Architecture and Construction Photography & Qualified Drone Pilot
  • Dominic Coleman, Creative Partner Camera Operator and Editor
  • Donal Canavan, Creative Partner Cinematographer, Camera Operator and Video Editor
  • Stephen Bergin, Creative Partner Corporate Video, Promotional Content, Live Streaming and Graphic Animations
  • Alan Rowlette, Creative Partner Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
  • Michael Dillon, Creative Partner Commercial, Press and PR and Editorial Photographer
  • Ben Condell, Creative Partner Senior Videographer
  • Dan Dunne, Creative Partner Videographer
  • Simon Hepworth, Creative Partner Director, Editor and Motion Graphics
  • Molly O'Dwyer, Creative Partner Videographer, Visual Artist and Editor
  • Damien Eagers, Creative Partner Editorial, PR, Portrait and Commercial Photographer

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What our Clients say

maples and calder

Client Testimonial

"They have a wonderful way of putting subjects at ease and getting results which look natural and good in print."
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mkc communications

Client Testimonial

"Communications is a fast moving and always-on business .... Shane and his team always delivers in this regard."

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Client Testimonial

"Their customer service and reliability is second to none. I would recommend Orla, Shane and the team without hesitation."

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think media

Client Testimonial

"We at Think Media have worked with Orla, Shane and the team for a number of years, and they are always our first port of call when we need a photographer."

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d2 communications

Client Testimonial

"I have always found Shane and his team to be imaginative and ingenious in coming up with novel ideas that will grab media attention."

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fingal county council

Client Testimonial

“…From heads of business and state to first-year students, Shane is able to capture genuine and authentic moments through his photographs."
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ucd smurfit school

Client Testimonial

"Orla, Shane and the team had to commit to providing photographers seven days a week and, sometimes, at short notice. They assembled a team of photographers, strategically located across the county..."
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Client Testimonial

“Orla and the team are always a pleasure to deal with and the quality of photos are excellent, we use their photos across a vast number of our signature company publications, at events nationwide and also in both the local and national media.
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Client Testimonial

“The IPA have used the services of Orla and the team for several years. They provide us with an excellent and professional service, covering everything from conferences and graduations to syndication of photographs to the media."
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Creative Partners & Colab

If you feel you have a skill set to add to the group we'd love to hear from you.

Why would I work with Coalesce?

  • Access to a larger marketplace
  • Peer to peer sharing network which encourages knowledge transfer
  • Network of professionals who pool resources and circulate work
  • Reduced associated bureaucracy

Find out more here

What experience do we look for in a Creative?

  • A minimum of ten years of industry experience in your area of specialisation.
  • An extensive portfolio of published work from recognised corporate or media clients.
Sometimes Creatives have an extensive client portfolio, but less than 10 years experience, get in touch for a chat.

What is Co.lab?

Co.Lab is the peer to peer learning aspect of the Coalesce group where Coalesce supports Creatives to grow and develop their businesses. We encourage knowledge sharing and peer to peer support within the group.  

We meet for workshops and networking so the group can get to know each other. We learn about skillsets other Creatives have and collaborate on projects with together.

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Adapt, Survive, Thrive.

Adapt, Survive and Thrive..... kind of like raising a teenager during lock down you choose your battles wisely and just roll with the punches.

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