Individually we are remarkable;
Together we are exceptional

We are a new way for independent Irish creative businesses to collaborate together and raise their standards and skillsets as a group while providing the highest levels of customer service to all our clients.

Creating an economy

You join a community of creatives from different disciplines and broaden your network. We are a micro economy. In this space the business opportunities move around the group instead of coming from the top down.


You get access to a community which values peer to peer learning and facilitates knowledge transfer. We use feedback from the group and our clients to identify areas in all our businesses that we would like to improve. We organise workshops and monthly topic based talks where everyone can work through these issues.

What you get
  • Access to a larger marketplace
  • A peer to peer sharing network which encourages knowledge transfer.
  • A network of professionals who pool resources and circulate work within the group.
  • Increase in annual revenue.
  • Fill excess capacity in your diary.
  • Reduced associated bureaucracy.

Why work with us?

Find out what our creatives have to say about working as part of Coalesce

Why work with us?

Dan Dunne

Creative Partner, Videographer

"I’ve been a one man band operation ever since I started freelancing so it’s really, really refreshing to have people behind you supporting you. It’s very new for me.

alan rowlette

Creative Partner, Photographer

"Working as a photographer can be quite a solitary experience, but Coalesce brings together talented, experienced photographers and gives us the opportunity to bounce ideas around, share knowledge and even workload.

Fintan Clarke

Creative Partner, Photographer

“With Coalesce, I get the opportunity to explore different photographic avenues which adds to my portfolio of work and increases revenue for my business.

Meabh Fitzpatrick

Creative Partner, Photographer

"Being part of this collective has helped me increase my revenue, while also networking with like-minded professionals and keeping up-to-date with new photography techniques and work flow.

Paul Sherwood

Creative Partner, Photographer

"Coalesce brings together a like-minded bunch of people and creates a huge pot with many skills in it. I have the opportunity to hone my skills and discover new ways of working.

Peter houlihan

Creative Partner,  Photographer

"Coalesce realises the old ways of doing business are over and has created a platform for a modern era. This makes work simple, fast and efficient.

Our Values


The customer and their needs are at the centre of everything we do.


We encourage participation and teamwork, fostering a culture of collaboration and openness.


We share what we learn, giving support to others, making us stronger individually and as a group.

Creative Partners

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • A minimum of ten years of industry experience in your area of specialisation.
  • An extensive portfolio of published work from recognised corporate or media clients.
Sometimes Creatives have an extensive client portfolio, but less than 10 years experience, get in touch for a chat.*
If you do not meet the criteria above but feel you have something to contribute to the group, please get in touch.

A Collaborative space for budding creatives

Co.lab is a new initiative under development

Co.Lab is a new initiative under development by Coalesce. At the moment the knowledge transfer between the creative partners takes place in Co.Lab, but we intend to open this up to other creatives.

If you're just starting on your creative journey or your business is already established but you need a support network that values peer to peer learning, then this will be the space for you. If you'd like to register your interest in the new project and have a say in its structure, we would love to hear from you. Just click on the link below and let us know what you need.