What they need

Fitzsimons Consulting, driven by founder Paula Fitzsimons, is dedicated to making a difference to the Irish business eco system through its focus on entrepreneurship and growth. One of the team’s specialities is creating and delivering business development programmes for a range of public sector and private clients.

The company has developed and runs three highly-successful, innovative and very different business development initiatives – Going for Growth, ACORNS and Back for Business – all of which have been recognised for their excellence.

Paula Fitzsimons and her team engage Orla, Shane and the team to cover the launch events through the year for the three initiatives. The images taken at each event are needed for a range of uses – including website, social media, national and regional media photos as well as brochure shots  to advertise future initiatives.

What we do

We receive a detailed brief before each separate event relating to the programmes outlining what our target publications and audiences are. On the launch days, we shoot a portrait of all the new participants so they can used on the website, to be used in individual case studies and for future publicity. We then work closely with the communications team to create a list of shots required for both the national media and for regional media in each county across Ireland. During the events, there is also a need to quickly take and syndicate quality images, which include all the relevant stakeholders, to the national media.

What they say

“Across the various initiatives -  Going for Growth, ACORNS and Back for Business -  we are delighted to use the services of Orla, Shane and the team for our photographic needs. We find that the team of photographers absolutely understands our need for consistently excellent photos, which are frequently taken at speed and without fuss, in a variety of contexts. The photos have been taken up by the print and digital media and are suitable for use by us in profiles, brochures and in social media. Their customer service and reliability is second to none.  I would recommend Orla, Shane and the team without hesitation.”

- Paula Fitzsimons, Fitzsimons Consulting