• Read what they said about working with Coalesce below
    IPA Read what they said about working with Coalesce below

What IPA say

"The IPA have used the services of Orla and the team for several years. They provide us with an excellent and professional service, covering everything from conferences and graduations to syndication of photographs to the media."

What they require

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is Ireland’s only public service development agency focused exclusively on public sector development. It is a busy organisation that requires imagery for a range of activities including the coverage of press events and launches. One large part of the IPA’s publishing section work is the production of books by individuals and academics working in and writing about the Public Sector. They also hold seminars and lectures which they require imagery at and photographs for internal reports and the website. It is essential that the images used in these reflect the high-quality of the work done at the IPA.

What Coalesce do for IPA

We work with the IPA to create striking, high-quality imagery for its range of publications, books and reports. We also provide documentation of the many press events they organise – including those marking the publication of their books and reports. These events are often attended by Government Ministers and/or senior officials from the public service, where protocols are required. The team works with the IPA to ensure they have the correct imagery for internal use as well as editorial-type images, which we then release to the national media. We provide photographic services at the IPA’s many internal events such as seminars or forums, where speaker and group shots are needed for their own use. The team also works with the IPA to provide its website photography, which can include photo shoots at an onsite studio.