What they need

MKC Communications is one of Ireland’s top communications and public affairs consultancies which works with household corporate names as well as a range of public sector bodies. They need a consistent supply of high-quality images for a range of different clients for use across all media. Excellent quality and a fast turnaround are their main requirements.

What we do

We work with MKC Communications to ensure that their images hit the spot with their clients – and with the national media. As they have a broad range of clients – from large Irish and international companies to public sector bodies — they need a speedy and professional response. We work with the team at MKC on press events, company launches, high-profile announcements and other events for their clients. We ensure that we provide them with top-quality results and send images immediately to the media to ensure they don’t miss an opportunity for coverage.

What they say

"Communications is a fast moving and always-on business where increasingly images and visuals help to tell a story ever more effectively and across multiple channels. Professionalism, fast delivery and quality count for everything and Shane and his team always delivers in this regard."