Co.Lab? So what's its all about...

Coalesce creatives have a combined group experience of over 400 years in the fields of photography, video and now graphics. About a year ago we started to ask ourselves what can we do with all the knowledge and skill sets that our creative partners bring to the group? 

The answer we came up with was Co.Lab.


For the last year we've been testing the different ways a group of creatives can share knowledge with each other, build their businesses and become stronger together.


We've held member spotlights, critic sessions, workshops, goal setting programs and brought external speakers to the group. It’s been a huge success. Now we've decided to take it further and open the knowledge share side of our community to other creatives.


Later this year we'll be extending access of Co.Lab to creatives outside the Coalesce group. Individuals who are just getting started on their creative journey and need the support and knowledge of their peers or a network they can grow into.


We’ll help you get started, focusing on how to build a strong creative business and develop into a company that can contribute as a creative partner to the Coalesce group or go on to create exciting work yourself.


It’s going to be vibrant, inspiring space, but before we launch we’re looking for your help. We want you to have your say directly and help shape the community.


To register your interest log onto the home page and subscribe to Co.Lab then fill in the survey to tell us what you need and let's start the conversation


Our vision is simple.

We believe that together we are stronger.

We believe in creating a new way for individual creatives to come together, become stronger and create exceptional work.

We believe collaboration, innovation and education will strengthen our creative community and create a long-lasting coalition.