Getting your website designed

Consider your website hosting provider

Different website hosts will provide different design capabilities at different prices. Consider what your end user will use on our site. There are various options available which can offer you a domain name and a range of Content Management Systems.

** A Content Management System (CMS) is an application that uses a database to manage content and is used to develop a website

If unsure about a certain provider, query it with your designer


Request a mock-up of your site

Ask your designer for a mock-up design of how the website will look before proceeding to the development stage. This will help to keep you on budget without requiring additional changes being made at the development stage.

ui-designer-working-on-website-interface-2021-09-01-07-48-01-utc_Edited copyjpg

Make sure you send all your digital assets to your designer

Transfer all of your imagery, graphics, videos and text to your designer in one package. This will avoid delays in the completion of your design. It will also keep your costs down. Create a brief of what you want your website to do.


Collate all password information into one document

Your designer will need access to your CMS and may need access to your image/video database. Collate all password information that will be required into one document to avoid any headaches down the line. If using two factor authentication, make sure that your designers content number is listed or that you are on hand to confirm access requests.


Claim your website on Google Console

Once your website is live, be sure to claim ownership using Google Console. This ensures your website appears higher in Google search results and have access to sensitive Google search data for the site. You will need to be logged into a Google account to access Google Console.


Create a Google Profile for your website

Create a Google profile with an overview of your company including services it provides, a location, when it was founded and other useful information. A more complete profile will rank better in Googles search results.


Make sure you’re comfortable accessing your CMS after the website has been completed

Once the website is finalised, familiarise yourself with how to use the CMS and make changes. If unsure, ask your designer to demonstrate how to access and change content on your website.