Starting Your Graphics Project

Tell us who you are and why you’re in business
We need to understand your business and its functions. This will help your designer get a feel for what your requirements are. Please send background information about your company alongside your brief. If you have examples of anything you like, please  send that on to so we can get an idea of your likes and dislikes.

Create an initial brief for your designer.
Every project should start with a brief. This ensures a strong start for you and your designer. Your designer should be fully aware of the creative challenge set along with corporate considerations.

Consider how designs will be used across online and print.
As a business, you want the best value for money with your design package. Before deciding on a design, consider how it will be used and views across your digital platforms and in print.

For example, a final logo design should be delivered in colour, black and white. This ensures the logo is optimised to be used across all your platforms regardless of background colour.

Start your process with a mood board.
It’s always great to begin your project by creating a mood board. This gives your designer ideas of what you like. Platforms to look at ahead of creating your own mood board include Pinterest, Juxtapost and We Heart it. They’re filled with creative designs to get your imagination working!

Research what you need rather than what you want. This will keep your costs down.
Before enlisting a designer, consider what you actually need and what you’re willing to pay for. List these requirements out. This can help keep your billable hours down and will save you money once the project in complete.

Include samples of styles and colours you like.
Include samples of styles and colours you like in your mood board. It is a collation of your thoughts so incorporate as many ideas as you want.